Angel Mints taste heavenly

November 10, 2011

They say that if you’re looking for love, you need to stop looking.

That’s clear as mud, right?

The theory is that if you’re in the market for a love interest, you’re more likely to meet someone when you’re not looking or at least not “trying” to meet someone special.

I used to wonder about that “back in the day” before I met the Big Man. It seemed a bit of an oxymoron. How are you supposed to not look when you’re open to romance and potential suitors might be anywhere? I never did figure that out since, in all honesty, I was technically “looking” when the Big Man and I met.

I think the theory works better for matters of the non-heart variety.

I had this experience on a road trip with the Big Man. I wasn’t looking for my new favorite thing, but I found it.

On our way to a college football game in Michigan, we planned a short stopover in Toledo, OH so that he could fulfill yet another of his food pilgrimage dreams—eating Hungarian hot dogs from Tony Packo’s Restaurant. These are the hot dogs that Klinger always talked about on the TV series M A S H.

The restaurant has a small gift shop where we bought a couple t-shirts. I also bought a handful of mints called Angel Mints.

That handful of mints didn’t make it out of Ohio. One taste and I couldn’t stop eating them!

Each mint is approximately 2 inches in length and looks like a piece of snowy white chalk, but tastes ever so much better. When you put one in your mouth you expect the texture to be dry and flaky, but these mints are anything but chalklike. The texture is very creamy and the mint melts in your mouth.

The manufacturer—Florida Candy Factory, Inc.—managed to achieve the perfect amount of mintiness in this candy. The peppermint flavor is just strong enough, but not that “curiously strong” kind where you feel like you’re eating medicine.

Naturally, after I snarfed down my meager handful of mints, I began to obsess about getting some more. Fortunately, I saved a wrapper from one of them and found the Florida Candy Factory online where I learned that the mints not only taste fabulous, but are practically health food.

Score! I ordered a couple bags of them.

The mints contain no preservatives, gluten, fat, soy or salt. They’ve also been certified by a nonprofit group that promotes public health through the study of diet, food and nutrition as being free from synthetic (artificial) coloring, synthetic flavoring, synthetic fragrance, BHT, BHA, TBHQ & aspartame.

And if that’s not enough, Angel Mints have one more very big thing going for them. They have palliative therapy benefits that have been shown to help individuals undergoing chemotherapy by providing 30-45 minutes of relief from the musty, metallic taste left behind by chemo treatments. The pure peppermint is known to be very therapeutic in combating nausea.

I believe I may have found the perfect little indulgence. Must have been divine intervention that introduced me to Angel Mints (with a little help from Hungarian hotdogs).

Chickaliciousness: 5 for heavenly taste

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Daniellein DC November 11, 2011 at 7:25 pm

I first tried them when I got a sample from a natural candy store website (they offer samples, which I appreciate). Wow, it was good. I ordered a bag from them. It didn’t last long. I ordered from the company. BTW, if you think these are good, wait until you try the chocolate variety–it is heaven in your mouth.


2girlsonabench November 11, 2011 at 9:18 pm

We want these, they just have to be added to our snackbook…


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