Life is just a glass of cherry cider

August 17, 2011

A chance encounter at a farm stand changed my life.

Well, that might be a bit dramatic. I guess it would be more accurate to say that a chance encounter at a farm stand enhanced my life because it was there that I met my newest love.

If you read this blog with any regularity you might have noticed that I have a new love in my life fairly often. Before you start thinking the wrong think about me, let me explain.

The Big Man has nothing to worry about and won’t need to be dueling with pistols at dawn to defend my honor. I simply get excited when I try something new and find that I really like it.

Usually, this applies food. Other things, too, but mostly food.

The newest love of my life is (nonalcoholic) cherry cider.

It looks like a jug of moonshine, but it's really sweet, dark, rich cherry cider.

Have you tried it? This stuff is DELICIOUS! Think apple cider, but made with cherries instead. Plump, sweet, juicy, antioxidant-rich cherries. It’s like drinking a glass of cherry Lifesavers.

Life is just a glass of cherries, Bing cherries to be precise.

But this stuff is more than just good; it’s good for you, too! According to the California Cherry Advisory Board (yes, there is actually an official board to advise us on all things cherry), Bing cherries help prevent heart disease and cancer; have “anthocyanins” that block inflammatory enzymes and reduce pain; and help increase bone health when coupled with calcium and magnesium. The next time have an ache, eat some cherries. Apparently, 20 cherries are 10 times as potent as aspirin and have positive effects on gout and arthritis pain.

I’ve consumed so many glasses of this stuff I think my skin is starting to look a little pink. It’s excellent when combined with Coke Zero to make your own version of cherry cola. I’ve also used it with my favorite snack shake mix to create a chocolaty-cherry glass of heaven.

Cherry love, my cherry love, I need you, oh how I need your love.

I suggest running right out to your nearest farm stand to seek out some cherry cider. If you can’t find it locally, here are a couple of places I found where you can order it online.

What the world needs now is cherry cider, sweet cherry cider.

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Jennifer August 19, 2011 at 7:04 pm

Yum, I don’t know if I have ever had cherry cider but I love cherries!
Jennifer recently posted..Friday’s Dose of Delight {No.13} Sneek Peek Missoni for Target & Homemade Gumdrops


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