Handbags and black holes could benefit from the Kangaroo Keeper

July 28, 2011

According to NASA, a black hole is “a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light cannot get out. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny space.” Space is full of these holes and, apparently, scientists can only find them by using special telescopes with even more special equipment to study the behavior of the stars that are near a black hole.

I have an easier solution.

Just look for purses (or handbags, if that’s the term you prefer).

I think if scientists were able to get a close enough look, they would see that all those holes are actually a bunch of Pradas, Louis Vuittons, Kate Spades, and Kmart blue light specials floating around up there.

I have to give credit where credit is due for making this astounding discovery that even NASA’s finest haven’t figured out yet. It’s the Big Man who first made me realize the correlation between space and purses.

It becomes more and more obvious each time he hands me the contents of his pockets and asks, “Can you put this in your purse?”

My purse is a black hole with a strong gravity pull that’s filled with lots of matter in a tiny space. It’s stuffed to bursting with very important things like hand sanitizer, tissues, gum, mints, makeup, keys, pens, change, coupons, member cards for every store in existence, and lots and lots of little pieces of paper with information scribbled onto them.

The magical mystery purse. No one really knows what's inside.

Something had to be done. Hide and seek is not much fun when you’re playing it with the contents of your purse.

The Kangaroo Keeper saved me.

The box comes with two organizers, one small and one large. Naturally, I needed the large one to fit all my stuff.

Though it claims that it will “instantly organize your bag,” I found there was nothing instant about it. I still had to go through and clean out and organize everything in my bag before moving it all into the Kangaroo Keeper.

The large size organizer fits perfectly into my purse.

The organizer has little pockets of varying shapes and sizes all around the inside perimeter. You have to figure out the best fit for each of the items in your purse. I thought some of the pockets were a little too small and would have preferred at least one larger-sized pocket. But, in the end, I was able to fit most of my hoohas and doodads into them.

The center of the organizer is open so that you can fill it with larger items like a wallet, check book, emergency bag of M&Ms, etc. How much you can stuff into the open center area depends on the size of your purse and the bulk of the items in the pockets. If your purse is narrow in width or too rigid to accommodate overstuffing, you won’t be able to fill the center of the organizer with many things.

Unless you are using the organizer in a fairly large handbag, it works best in purses without dividers. My purse was long and rectangular with no dividers and a zipper closure at the top. While not completely rigid in construction, it probably would not zip closed if overstuffed.

Voila! A place for everything and everything in its place.

The Kangaroo Keeper is not a miracle worker, but for $10.88 (at Walmart) I didn’t expect it to be. I had to go through and throw out LOTS and LOTS of things I’d been accumulating in my purse, including all those little sheets of paper and receipts that were stuffed in there.

Right now, I’m loving how organized my purse is and am trying not to turn it into a portable junk drawer. I think it might be a little like going on a diet, though. You start out with the best intentions and then a giant piece of chocolate cake makes its way into your mouth.

And that’s a black hole of another variety.

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