Alba Snack Shake Mix is pure indulgence

May 26, 2011

It seems an apology is in order.

In my last post, I told you about some fantastic powder that turns plain old milk into chocolaty perfection. The post wasn’t the problem. The availability of the chocolate milk powder was. The site where I usually order this product was out of stock and my post was just a tease for anyone wanting to achieve chocolate milk nirvana.

I can make it up to you!

I’ve got a few more secret weapons in my chocolate arsenal.

Today I want to tell you about a weapon so powerful that you’ll be confessing your chocolate sins before you even realize that it’s a virtually guilt-free indulgence.

Say hello to your new best friend: Alba Double Fudge Royale Snack Shake Mix.

Much like the Moo Magic Chocolate Milk Powder, I found Alba Snack Shake Mix at one of my local grocery stores. I was looking for a way to replicate the pure indulgence of a milkshake without all the calories, fat and guilt. Naturally, the shake had to be chocolate.

The first time I made one of these shakes, I followed the directions on the box which tell you to pour 2/3 cup of cold water into a blender, add 1 packet of Alba, blend for 10 seconds and then add 2/3 cup crushed ice and blend some more. The result was good, but not good  enough.

The next time I made a shake I improvised.

I combined about ¾ cup of diet pop (I use Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Cherry Coke because I like the combination of chocolate and cherry flavors), 1 packet of Alba, some crushed ice and blended it till smooth.

Much better, but still not quite the rich, creamy deliciousness I was hoping for so I added a HUGE dollop of fat free whipped topping and blended it all together.

Now THIS is what I’m talking about!

The shake was thick, rich, chocolaty and sweet and almost like having the real thing. Plus, there’s no need to undo the top button of your pants!

I know there are those of you out there who are purists and believe that if you’re going to indulge, you should just limit your portion size and have the real thing. You are the same people who believe that eating one small square of fine chocolate is better than shoveling in handfuls of M&Ms.

Good for you!

But I like my sweets in mass quantity. And, since I like to indulge EVERY SINGLE DAY, I had to find a compromise. Each Alba Snack Shake serving fills a large glass and has just 70 calories and 1 gram of fat. Plus, it has 2 grams of fiber, 30% of your daily requirement of calcium and 10% of your vitamin D requirement.

It’s a chocolate miracle!

If you can’t find these shake mixes in a store near you, here’s a source where you can order them online. Last I checked, they were IN STOCK and available for shipment to a blender near you.

Chickaliciousness: chocorific 5

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Carol Toll July 10, 2013 at 4:51 pm

To make your chocolatey Alba shake even better and for no extra calories, add a heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder. I also add a banana to fulfill a fruit requirement on Weight Watchers.


Unhip Chick July 10, 2013 at 5:26 pm

What a great idea, Carol! The more chocolate,the better. I’ll be sure to add some cocoa powder next time I make it, and the banana sounds good, too!


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