Smile like a celeb with pre-brush whitening rinse

March 10, 2011

Poor George Washington. If only he had been born a couple hundred years later, he would not have had to endure the mouth full of wood* that served as his choppers. He would have had access to fluoride, and electric toothbrushes, and 98 different varieties of toothpaste guaranteed to scare the plaque right out of his mouth.
(*Scientists have apparently made a career out of studying George’s teeth and have come to believe that his teeth weren’t, in fact, made of wood, though this remains the popular belief.)

There's a reason why George isn't smiling.

Of course, then he wouldn’t have become known as the Father of Our Country or served as our first President; but I digress.

Dental hygiene has come a long way in the past century or two. No longer do we have to just sit idly by and watch as our teeth decay and fall out. In fact, we don’t have to put up with anything less than a dazzling smile.

No need to hide those pearly whites like George did.

Oral hygiene is a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. and everyone is fixated on making that smile as white as possible.

This Chick is.

I’ve never had my teeth professionally whitened, but I do use a pre-brush whitening rinse.

There are numerous brands available, some claiming to deliver a 3D white, some a vibrant white, and one that says it’ll make your teeth 4x whiter. But, white is white in my book and they all have pretty much the same ingredients, so I just buy the “extra whitening” Up & Up brand from Target because it’s cheapest.

According to the description on the bottle, this product helps fight plaque, control tartar, and kill germs, all of which can lead to discolored teeth. It also has a “dynamic foaming action” that lets you always know it’s hard at work whitening your teeth. The only thing it lets me know is that it’s stinging my gums.

The directions tell you to use it in the morning and at night at full strength, swishing ½ fluid ounce in your mouth for 60 seconds. Do not swallow, it cautions. Not a problem. There’s peroxide in this stuff and I have never once been tempted to drink peroxide.

Bottom's up!

I have been swishing for several years now and can’t tell you that I’ve noticed any difference. HOWEVER, on a visit to the dentist a couple of years ago, my hygienist asked me if I’d had my teeth whitened. When I responded “no,” she asked me what I did to make my teeth so white.

That’s all the endorsement I needed. I’ve used pre-brush whitening rinse faithfully since then.

Since I don’t have any good pictures of my teeth to show you from before I started using the rinse, I scoured the internet to find some before and after examples. The pictures I found were dramatic. I must warn you; these aren’t for the faint of heart.

BEFORE pre-brush whitening rinse


AFTER pre-brush whitening rinse

Now that’s a dazzling smile.

Chickaliciousness: A dazzling 5

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