Cami Secret keeps your secrets undercover

January 30, 2011

In almost every historical romance novel I’ve ever read (I admit, I’ve read quite a few; but that’s another story for another time) there is inevitably a scene where the unmarried young ingénue is “compromised” when she inadvertently flashes a bit of ankle in the proximity of a handsome “rakehell” known for his prowess with the ladies. Apparently the ankle was quite a risqué body part a couple hundred years ago and just a glimpse of one turned men into randy goats.

My, how times have changed.

These days there are ankles on display everywhere and I’ve yet to see a man run feverishly into the street over the sight of a little fibula and tibia.

I have no problem baring my ankles. In fact, I do that all summer long, wanton exhibitionist that I am. When it comes to other body parts, however, I prefer to adopt an air of mystery. To that end, I think a camisole is a girl’s best friend. And what’s even better than a camisole? The Cami Secret! It enables you to “get that layered look without the bulk.”

Oh dear, I hope there are no handsome rakehells around to see my immodest attire!

Basically, these are little triangles of fabric with plastic clips at the sides that you attach to your bra straps.

My virtue is saved by the Cami Secret!

The outside fabric is kind of shiny and silky, and the inside is a soft t-shirt type of knit material. They look kind of like thong underwear actually (minus the uncomfortable flossy bit).

Thong or camisole? You decide.

The instructions are easy—no Master’s degree required to attach this thing. The clips keep the Cami Secret fairly secure, though they won’t work if your straps are wide.

The round tab slides into place and, voila, the Cami Secret it attached.

The cost for a set of three is $10 plus shipping and handling and you can get a second set “for free” if you are willing to pay more shipping and handling.

Yes, you could probably cut your own triangles of fabric, sew some lace to the top, attach them with small safety pins, and create the same thing yourself. But, are you going to?

Me neither.

Chickalicousness: 4 for keeping my secrets safe

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Evey January 31, 2011 at 6:20 pm

LOVE IT! I think I would rather just wear a tank though!


Jill Riddle January 31, 2011 at 7:46 pm

The clothing for women my age come equipped with the “Cami Secret” permanently attached to the shirt!!! That way these old fingers won’t have to fuss trying to remain modest and keeping those rakehells at bay.

Love, love, love your writings!! Keep them coming.


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