SoBe makes water come to life

November 12, 2010

I forced myself many years ago to start drinking water every day. I say “forced” because water wasn’t something I enjoyed. It’s pretty much flavorless, colorless, and boring.

It’s also essential to our health as up to 60% of the adult human body is water . The brain is composed of 70% water, and the lungs are nearly 90% water. I’ve always found that using my brain and my lungs were really helpful in getting through the day, so instead of the having a can or two of pop during the work day, I started to drink water instead.

We need to drink many of these every day.

The adjustment period was not fun. I cut up lemons and limes and even orange wedges to add to it. I made side deals with myself where I would reward myself if I finished a full glass. The fact that this reward was a can of pop might have been a bit counterproductive, but you do what you have to do. Though it wasn’t like I was forcing myself to drink something truly horrid like cod liver oil or vinegar, I just wasn’t in the habit of drinking the 168 glasses (that’s what it felt like!) of liquid life that are recommended by the Powers That Be or whoever it is that decrees these kinds of things.

This must be why the South Beach Beverage Company (SOBE) named its line of vitamin-enhanced, fruit flavored, 0-calorie, bottled water Lifewater. It’s just too bad they didn’t come up with the idea a whole lot sooner, because that would have made my swim to the Isle of Aquaphiles much easier.

The water comes in some unusual flavor combinations, but I have yet to try one that I don’t like.

  • Cherimoya Punch
  • Strawberry Dragonfruit
  • Black Cherry Dragonfruit
  • Yumberry Pomegranate
  • Fuji Apple Pear
  • Black and Blueberry
  • Mango Melon
  • And many more

I have no idea what a cherimoya or a yumberry is, but they sure taste good!

Each flavor is enhanced with a combination of vitamins that is supposed to benefit you in some way. Black Cherry Dragonfruit, for instance, has B vitamins for energy. I like energy, so B is for me. One of my favorites is Fuji Apple Pear. It not only tastes REALLY good, but it also has vitamins that apparently help you become a “lean machine.” Oh yeah, come to momma. Yumberry Pomegranate is enhanced with antioxidants in the form of vitamins C and E and also ginger and dandelion root extract. I could probably just go out and pick all the weeds in my garden, put them through my juicer, and achieve the same effect, but this is much tastier.

Lots of B makes a more energetic me.

I’ve heard reports that the vitamins added to bottled water do not provide any real benefits, and I admit that I have not experienced a noticeable spike in my energy levels from the B-Energy flavor or felt the pounds melting away while sipping on the Lean Machine variety. I don’t care. SoBe Lifewater tastes good, regardless.

When found on sale, SoBe Lifewater costs about $1 for a 20 fluid ounce bottle. That seems a bit steep until you consider the price of the average candy bar and weigh the benefits of each.

I always enjoy a good Mango Melon with my candy bars.

Of course, you can always do what I do and wash that candy bar down with your Lifewater. The water negates the candy bar so it’s like you never had it at all!

Chickalicousness: 5 for flavor and fun fruit names

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2girlsonabench November 17, 2010 at 7:20 am

We have to try the Sobe. Especially if drinking it will negate a candy bar… that’s our kind of water!


Victoria November 17, 2010 at 7:51 pm

SoBe Lifewater + 5. Water Joe caffeine water – 5. What ever you do, stay far, far away from Water Joe. I don’t care how tired you are and how many promises it makes, that stuff will leach you of your hard-earned Aquaphile status before you can say cherimoya.


Unhip Chick November 17, 2010 at 8:05 pm

Thanks for the warning Victoria. I’ve never heard of Water Joe but will swim far far away from it if it enters my pool.
Unhip Chick recently posted..SoBe makes water come to life


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